About Me

Hello, my name is Zach Faddis. I am a computer programmer and an aspiring software engineer. I am interested in Linux, security, mobile/web development, and generally hacking my way into a better future. I currently call San Antonio, TX home. When I'm not working working on a software project I can likely be found biking around town or hiking on some dusty trail.

I started this website for several reasons. First, to learn about web development. Second, to have a platform for people and employers to find me and see what I'm about. Finally, and most importantly, to serve as a creative outlet where I can share what I'm working on with the world and perhaps some of my thoughts as well. I believe that creation is a habit as much as anything else and that one must be willing to expose one's ignorance before it can be diminished. I hope to exemplify those ideals through this outlet. This site doesn't have a theme other than whatever happens to interest me, so expect a wide range of content. Also expect frequent changes as I learn web dev and play with the design.