House Social Distancing Policy

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  • Mission Statement
    • To maintain solidarity with the global community and help slwo the spread of the current pandemic while acknowledging and caring for our need of human interaction
  • Our social distancing policy is based around the idea of different levels of distancing for different groups. For people to rise in the levels they must adhere to ever more stringent standards
  • Social Distancing Measures
    • Rules apply to interactions with everyone unless otherwise noted in their level's perks
    • Maintain 6 feet distance at all times
    • Avoid being in enclosed spaces with others
    • Avoid prolonged social interaction
    • Wipe down all surfaces touched by others before touching those surfaces yourself
      • Especially important to remember to do this with packages you receive
    • Avoid groups of > 5, >10 strictly prohibited
  • 4 levels
      1. The Unwashed Masses
      1. Friends At A Distance
      1. The Inner Circle
      1. The Triumvirate
  • The Unwashed Masses
    • This is the default category for everyone that we are not currently living with. Assume everyone in this category currently has Coronavirus If they don't appear sick it is only because they are pre-symptomatic
  • Friends At A Distance
    • For people we want to interact with on a regular basis.
    • Perks
      • prolonged social interaction
      • limited use of same equipment in outdoor area
        • should still be mindful of not using equipment more than necessary
        • try to wipe down items frequently
        • be sure to not touch face after shared equipment use until after you wash hands
    • Pre-reqs
      • must have been social distancing for at least a week
      • Must pledge to continued social distancing and to inform us of any changes in their risk profile
        • e.g. someone in their circle has gotten sick
      • Must be unanimously approved by The Triumvirate
  • The Inner Circle
    • For people we want to have physical contact with and place a high degree of trust in
    • If a Member of the Inner Circle is compromised(gets sick) we should strongly consider initiating self-quarantine procedure
    • Likely want to set upper limit. 10?
    • Perks
      • Perks of above level
      • Limited physical interaction
      • social interaction inside enclosed spaces(in-home)?
    • pre reqs
      • Must have been social distancing for at least a week, with similar severity as us
      • Must pledge to continue social distancing and to inform us of any changes in their risk profile
      • Must be unanimously approved by The Triumvirate
  • The Triumvirate
    • Limited to those living at the house mited access to common living areas, as long as not sick
      • unlimited physical interaction, as long as not sick
    • Membership in The Triumvirate will persist for the duration of the pandemic
    • should a Triumvirate member become ill
      • self-quarantine procedure shall be intiated
      • all healthy members will dedicate themselves to caring for the sick member
  • Self Quarantine Policy
    • All middle rings of the social distancing policy will collapse. There is only The Triumvirate and The Unwashed Masses.
    • Limit all interaction with the outside world as much as possible
  • Any changes in the policy, as well as ratification of the policy itself, must be unanimously approved by all members
  • At weekly time will be set aside to discuss the social distancing policy
  • The last vote of The Triumvirate will be to disband The Triumvirate and to nullify this policy. At the conclusion of the pandemic